At Preventive Care International we carryout HIV prevention advocacy, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Gender Based Violence prevention and Immunization. We carryout advocacy through engaging policy makers, policy implementors and service providers by working with other civil society members and human rights defenders.

We advocate for scale up of existing and new prevention options such as Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), Safe male circumcision (SMC), Treatment as prevention (TaSP), Condoms, Microbicides and Vaccine development.

We help those victimized due to their HIV status or sexual orientation to access justice by working with human rights organization and legal advocates.

We develop and distribute Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials about HIV prevention, reproductive and environmental health to the community, healthcare providers, key population, research / care organizations, policy makers and policy implementers.
We create linkages and work with both local and international advocates that are involved in HIV prevention especially those that promote equal access to care for all without discrimination basing on HIV status, gender identification, race or sexual orientation.

We empower people to seek for health care services and environmental health services through informing them about the available options and where to access them.

We work with policy makers, policy implementers and the grass root community leaders to enhance their capacity and knowledge about HIV prevention, reproductive and environmental health.

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